Bangkok is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. With Bangkok continuing to make its mark on the world map and progressing with each passing day, here are the top 15 reasons to invest in the Bangkok real estate market-
1. The growing market – Bangkok and Bangkok real estate market is growing and on the rise. There are more and more tourists and expatriates coming in, in hope of a better and relaxed lifestyle. There are more opportunities every day.
2. The boom in real estate prices – The growth of real estate in Bangkok is a steady graph. (more…)

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Pet friendly Condos

Reasons why Bangkok is Not a very Pet Friendly City
• Bangkok is home to more than a dozen large, lush green public parks, not a single one allows pets. There are no pet parks in central Bangkok
• Most residences are condominiums; allowing pets would cause major problems in building with condos owned by hundreds of individuals.
• There are tens of thousands of stray dogs and cats roaming around Bangkok, 3 Primary Options for Pet Owners Looking to Move in Bangkok (more…)

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Bangkok Condo Ownership

Foreigners can buy and hold Thai real estate through a variety of ownership structures and land titles.
The three most common forms of ownership used by foreigners to hold Thai real estate are leasehold, freehold through a condo title, and freehold through acquisition by a Thai company.
Foreigners may also, in some circumstances own Industrial property freehold. The Thai Land Code considers “foreign” ownership to be property ownership by any foreign individual or company.
In Thailand a condo is a multi unit building where there is freehold ownership of individual units and a common interest along with all the other owners in the land and common areas. In some countries this is called strata title. (more…)

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